Semester: Fall 2020 - 2021

Instructor: Erkan Murat TÜRKAN

                      Office: R-216

                      E-mail: emturkan et


Catalogue Description:

Systems of Linear Equations, Row Echelon Form, Matrix Algebra, Elementary Matrices, Determinants, Vector Spaces, Linear Independence, Basis and Dimension, Row Space and Column Space, Null Spaces and Ranges, Linear Transformations, Similarity


Textbook:  S.H.Friedberg, A.J.Insel, L.E.Spence Linear Algebra, 4th Edition, 2015 Pearson

Evaluation Criteria:  Two midterm examinations (30% each), one final examination (40%)


Exam Dates:


Midterm 1: 09.11.2020, Monday, 19:00

Midterm 2: 07.12.2020, Monday, 19:00

Final: 22.01.2021, Friday, 10:00